Earth will be touring Japan this coming September! What a thrill it is to announce these exciting show dates we have coming up. This will be our first tour of Japan! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows on the European tour with our friends Mount Eerie and Ô Paon. We have tour dates that will keep us busy through the end of the year, so check back as we continue to announce shows.

September 2012 in Japan with Mamiffer and guests!

Sept. 19 - Earthdon - Tokyo w/Mamiffer
Sept. 20 - Pangea - Osaka w/Mamiffer
Sept. 21 - Club Upset - Nagoya w/Mamiffer and Eternal Elysium
Sept 22 - Fever - Tokyo - w/Mamiffer and Boris

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Earth is pleased to announce the arrival of a new album. Coming in February 2012 from Southern Lord Records, we welcome Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: II. Produced and recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle,Washington by Stuart Hallerman (notable engineer behind Earth 2), this new album features the following line-up.

Adrienne Davies – trap kit and percussives
Dylan Carlson – electric guitar and devices
Lori Goldston – cello and devices
Karl Blau – electric bass guitar

Angels album art

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upcoming Shows in 2012

Earth has finished up a great year of touring. We will be resting up for a few months before celebrating the release of Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II. There will be a special release show in Seattle on February 25th at the Highline. In March, Earth will head to Europe and be joined by Northwest friends Ô PAON and Mount Eerie.

A Very Special Triple Album Release Show
February 25th, 2012
The Highline
with Low Hums and Cold Lake
$12 / 9PM / 21+

Spring 2012 European Tour with Mount Eerie and Ô Paon
March 3 - Arnofini - Bristol
March 5 - Button Factory - Dublin
March 7 - Ruby Lounge - Manchester
March 8 - The Caves - Edinburgh
March 9 - Brudenell Social Club – Leeds
March 10 - ATP Festival - Minehead
March 11 - Union Chapel - London
March 12 - The Haunt - Brighton
March 13 - Patronaat - Haarlem, NL
March 14 - Het Depot - Leuven, Belguim
March 15 - La Maroquinerie - Paris, FR
March 16 - Iboat - Bordeaux, FR
March 17 - Azkena - Bilboa, SP
March 18 - El Sol- Madrid, SP
March 19 - MusicHall - Barcelona, SP
March 21 - L'Epicerie Moderne - Lyon, FR
March 22 - Spazio 211 - Torino, IT
March 23 - The Box - Firenze, IT
March 24 - Auditorium Del Carmine - Parma ,IT
March 25 - Le Romandie - Lausanne, SW
March 26 - Schlachthof - Wiesbaden, DE
March 28 - Arena - Vienna, Austria
March 29 - Ut Connewitz - Leipzig, DE
March 30 - Dobesja Theatre - Prague, CZ
March 31 - Festsall Kreuzberg - Berlin, DE
April 2 - Loppen - Copenhagen, Denmark
April 3 - Truckstop Alaska - Gothenburg, Sweden
April 4 - Inferno Festival - Oslo, Norway
April 5 - Strand - Stockholm, Sweden
April 6 - Nostui - Helsinki, Finland

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Dylan Carlson Solo Album

Dylan Carlson is launching a new project, to travel to the UK and record a solo album there. You can find more about it at his Kickstarter page and pre-order the album, and additional limited edition pressings. Check it out before time runs out!


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Earth is pleased to announce the arrival of a new album. Released February 22nd, 2011 from Southern Lord Records, we welcome Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: I. Produced and recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle,Washington by Stuart Hallerman (notable engineer behind Earth 2), this new album features the following line-up.

Adrienne Davies – trap kit and percussives
Dylan Carlson – electric guitar and devices
Lori Goldston – cello and devices
Karl Blau – electric bass guitar

Angels album art

Download the album

Order the album,
hoodie, and shirt combos
at now!

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upcoming tours of north america

Earth is home from a fantastic 5-week tour of Europe. Thanks to everyone that came out to all of the shows and extra thanks to our fantastic driver and Tour Manager Rogier. We are getting ready for several short tours in North America. Earth will be joined by the amazing band Ô PAON on a tour of the Northeastern United States in just a few weeks. In July we will team up with Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets for the West Coast dates and then tour the Southeast in September with Mount Eerie. In addition to these tours, Earth will perform with Portishead at Asbury Park in October at the festival I'll be Your Mirror.

Southeast American Tour with Mount Eerie:
9/08/2011 Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC w/ Mount Eerie
9/09/2011 King's Baracade - Raleigh, NC w/ Hopscotch Fest
9/10/2011 Caladonia - Athens, GA w/ Mount Eerie
9/11/2011 The Earl - Atlana, GA w/ Mount Eerie
9/12/2011 Flying Monkey Arts Center – Hunstville, AL w/ Mount Eerie
9/13/2011 Bottletree - Birmingham, AL w/ Mount Eerie
9/14/2011 One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA w/ Mount Eerie and Thou
9/16/2011 Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN w/ Mount Eerie
9/17/2011 The End - Nashville, TN w/ Mount Eerie

West Coast American Tour:
7/13/2011 Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR w/Angelo Spencer and Wyrd Visions
7/14/2011 The Northern - Olympia, WA - w/Angelo Spencer, Broken Water and Wyrd Visions
7/16/2011 What the Heck fest? - Anacortes,WA
7/21/2011 Catalyst Atrium - Santa Cruz, CA w/Angelo Spencer
7/22/2011 Slim's - San Francisco, CA w/Angelo Spencer and Whirr
7/23/2011 Echo Plex - Los Angeles, CA w/Angelo Spencer
7/24/2011 The Casbah - San Diego, CA w/Angelo Spencer
8/02/2011 Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA w/Tiny Vipers and Angelo Spencer
8/05/2011 Shakedown - Bellingham, WA w/Cold Lake and the Narrows

Midwest/East Coast American Tour:
6/08/2011 Mayne Stage - Chicago, IL w/ Ô Paon
6/09/2011 Mad Planet - Milwaukee, WI w/ Ô Paon
6/10/2011 Magic Stick - Detroit, MI w/ Ô Paon
6/11/2011 The Strut - Kalamazoo, MI w/ Ô Paon
6/12/2011 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH w/ Ô Paon
6/13/2011 Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia, PA w/ Ô Paon
6/14/2011 Wadsworth Atheneum - Hartford, CT w/ Ô Paon
6/15/2011 Middle East Downstairs - Boston, MA w/ Ô Paon
6/16/2011 Le Poisson Rouge - New York City, NY w/ Ô Paon
6/17/2011 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ Ô Paon
6/18/2011 Braddock Carnegie Library– Braddock, PA w/ Ô Paon
6/19/2011 Southgate House - Newport, KY w/ Ô Paon

More dates here.

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album release show

Earth will play an album release show for Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: I in Seattle, Washington.

Tractor Tavern poster

March 3rd
The Tractor Tavern


9PM. 21+ $12.

Buy Tickets

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upcoming tour dates

Earth will be embarking on a 5 week European Spring Tour with Sabbath Assembly, a psychedelic religious rock band from New York, currently on a "quest set forth by The Process Church of the Final Judgment to conquer fear with love, rePROCESSing their hymns for the current generation."

Several dates have been announced. Please check back as we will be announcing more soon.

View the Tour Dates and Purchase Tickets

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new earth shirts have arrived


Order your new Earth shirts here.

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interview with dylan carlson, excerpt

by Lori Goldston
November 29, 2010

(view the complete interview)

So you had these european records in your head when you made Extracapsular Extraction. Those early Earth records are so different from each other, and the songs are different from each other. They came out on Sub Pop and seem so odd in that universe, but then if you think about them in terms of weird European experimental rock records they make way more sense.

DC: That album, to me, is divided: there’s the experimental rock stuff, and there’s a metal riff, it’s just slowed down. “Orobouris is Broken”, if you speed it up it’s practically a Slayer riff.

LG: Absolutely!

DC: The two poles I swung between.

LG: But already with that record, the textures are so extreme and expressive; they seem so unusual for that time. More records do that now — the timbre is so dense and emotional. The timbre has a lot of emotional content! Where did that come from?

DC: I don’t know. Maybe because of that time in your life, you’re more volatile or something. No matter what you’re doing, how conceptualized it is, that comes out.

LG: You have more of that dramatic, adolescent energy.

DC: And especially as rock musicians, you’re allowed to be adolescent for the rest of your life!

To me the magic about music and instruments is that somehow this interface between this human being and this technological device, that the human stlll comes out. Theoretically it’s just a finger and a string and a vibration, so why can you tell “That’s this guy” and “That’s that guy”?

LG: It’s very mysterious.

So you’ve had this band for a long time, and you’ve been interested in and listening to all these different things. Some stylistic shifts are connected to what you’re thinking about and listening to, but a lot has stayed the same.

DC: I always preferred the slower tempos and longer songs. When I get into something, whatever I’m into at the time just consumes me for however long I’m into it.

LG: Once you start playing a song you’re just really into it, for a while?

DC: Obsessive, but with a long arc. Whatever I get into, I get into that, to the exclusion of everything else. But when I come out of it it’s like, how do I integrate it into what I was doing? It probably doesn’t – it’s probably all in my head that it connects.

LG: You mean within a song or within an album?

DC: Song, or interest, or album.

LG: You could say the same thing within the lifespan of the band, too.

Fast forwarding to the new album: was there something that ties together those songs for you? Was there something you’d been thinking about or listening to?

DC: I with think both the songs, which are more constructed, and the improvised stuff, to me anyway they reflect Fairport Convention, or the Pentangle, or Tinariwen.

Pentangle especially, because they took British folk but brought in elements of jazz and blues and integrated it, so it just sounds like Pentangle. If you want to you can go through it and go “Okay, there’s the jazzy part,” but it doesn’t sound like that.

LG: It doesn’t sound contrived.

DC: Yeah. But I definitely think there’s the Earth thing going on.

LG: What’s stayed the same and what’s changed [since Earth started in 1989]? It feels very additive, it shifts around, or the percentages shift around, the texture maybe moves slightly one way or another, but it’s still easy hear the droney La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Can stuff in what’s happening now.

DC: Some people are like “Oh, you guys have changed so much.” I go back and I listen, and – maybe just because it’s me; everything sounds continuous. None of the changes have been that dramatic to me. But people act like “Every album is completely different!”

LG: It all sounds like Earth.

DC: The way I look at is there’s a thing I do with the slow tempos and long songs. To me each record is going back in influence. At first it was prog rock and heavy metal, then more “classic” rock, then blues and country and now folk music.

Because I view music as this continuum; no one “invented” anything! For one thing I think it misses the point entirely. Who cares who invented it? Again, it’s that authenticity thing: who was the authentic first? That’s not how things are, how anything is. It’s all a continuum of development. It’s music. It’s just music.

As long as humans were conscious, I think there’s been music. That’s my personal take. It just developed this way here and that way there. People don’t sit in one spot, people move around and mix and share ideas and technologies and fuck on another and have kids. This whole idea of purity and authenticity is bizarre. It’s some weird construct.

I feel like I’m going back, and integrating earlier versions of this continuum into what I do, becoming aware of earlier things. I hope I’m getting better at playing; the idea is that I’m getting better at what I do, integrating earlier and earlier sources. That’s the difference, not a radical departure. The three main things have been the same: length, drones and tempos.

The new music is less chordy. Before we had all these chords, there were guitar chords and piano chords, guitar solos and piano solos. It was very dense. Now the guitar’s melodic, the cello’s melodic and then there’s a rhythm section, so it’s more…

LG: It has more forward motion and less of a blocky, vertical construction.

DC: Yeah, to me we’re less Wagnerian and more Debussy-like now.

PDF of the interview
view the complete interview

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“We have been blessed with a massive offering from the gods!” Southern Lord Records


image of the album


The lineup of earth had finally stabilized with two bass players, a guitarist, and a drum machine. With two friends to help with vocals, Kelly Canary of Dickless and a certain singer of a soon-to-be well-known pop band, the group decamped to Smegma Studios in Northeast Portland, Oregon. The home and studio of Mike Lastra, long detail of album artworktime member of Smegma and recorder of many Portland legends (such as Poison Idea).

…Dylan Carlson got the idea for the original artwork from a series of lecture records on diabetes and a book about eye surgery. It was released on Sub-Pop in October 1991. By that time, Joe Preston was in the Melvins, and earth was working on new material that would become EARTH 2. After Joe Preston left the Melvins, the masters were taken from Smegma Studios and used for bootleg 7-inch singles. Thus the album has never been heard in its entirety as it was meant to be. Here is the first earth recorded full-length, before time, theft, and EARTH 2 changed things.   from the liner notes

A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction is now available on CD and LP.
Visit the Southern Lord site